Why Start a Blog?

· The reasons why I, Tiffany Trawick, have decided to start a blog in this season of my life. ·

April 3, 2017

"And what good is calling yourself a writer when you have nothing to show for it?"

I conceived the idea to start a blog just a couple of months ago. To be honest, I don’t remember why, divine inspiration perhaps, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it would be a great idea specifically because I figured I could use this blog as both a launching pad for the various things that I do and more importantly, for practice.


I do a lot of things; but first and foremost I consider myself a writer, because writing is the first step and furthermore the foundation of everything that I do whether that be music, business planning, speaking or whatever it is, it always starts with pen to paper. Even this blog post was written first by hand in one of many notebooks that I own. And what good is calling yourself a writer when you have nothing to show for it?

Here poses a serious issue. I’ve written for a number of publications in the past including ThreeSixty Journalism, the Minnesota Daily and even my own publication, InCOLOR Magazine. This past December, I actually finished up my most recent writing opportunity, an internship with Tiger Oak Media and abruptly realized I’m no longer an active writer.

To fill this gap I figured I’d start a blog to continue practicing my writing, and the more I began to plan my blog, the more I saw opportunity for this platform.

The cool thing about starting a blog is, not only do you have the ability to build content, but you also have the opportunity to simulateously build an audience, a following, a readership and today in the age of social media your following equates to credibility in many industries

Being that my endeavors overlap many industries (music, business, writing) gaining a dedicated audience will bring me one step closer to my desired recognition.


It’s my party, I can write if I want to. As mush as I love writing for large publications nothing beats the freedom of being able to write whatever the heck you want. Whether it be random epiphanies, objections to mainstream society, divine revelations or just plain ranting I can write whatever my big heart desires.

Being able to write what you want really helps a writer to develop their voice – and my unadulterated voice has yet to be heard.


So thank you for visiting my blog. I want to extend an invitation for you to join me on this all encompassing journey because I’m learning...I don’t know everything about anything and I really want to learn the most that I can about everything; about music, writing and business with trial and error and most of all…with your help.