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November 6, 2017

TiffanyTrawick.com has recently been converted in majority, into my freelance business landing page. This means a couple of things in regards to my blogging and what you can expect.

First you should know that this blog is not going anywhere. TiffanyTrawick.com will still be home to my personal blog page which is always subject to twists & turns. This is 100% my content and my point of view about whatever I feel like writing/sharing/venting and no longer has a specific brand focus i.e. Creating Your Most Fulfilling Life.

Don’t expect regularly scheduled posts. Some weeks I’ll write more than you’re used to and other weeks I might not write at all.

In my last post Finding Your Target I let you know that I would be targeting my work moving forward towards music and writing.

Well I’ve taken this idea and decided to collaborate with my best friend and soon-to-be husband, Anthony Johnson who is a writer and musician himself.

We are in the middle of developing a brand new website!:

Hollandaise & Hashbrowns: Serious Artists in a Serious Relationship

Here you will find regular articles and videos about making music, being a writer and being in a relationship from our unique perspectives as well as performances and LOTS of other cool stuff.

I don’t want to spill too much BUT we will officially launch on Monday 1/1/2018 and we are smooooper excited!

We will have plenty of fun surprises leading up to the official launch. To stay in touch please follow us!

If you have video ideas for us or would like to collab email HHbrownsinfo@gmail.com

So yeah…I’m really excited as I approach the end of the year both for my personal brand and this new project H&H. Thank you all for your support since April. Entering 2018 like:

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With love always!

Tiffany Trawick

Proverbs 16:3


  1. Melissa Mitchell

    November 7, 2017

    Congratulations!!! I had no idea you and Anthony were both musicians 🙂
    I’m looking forward to 2018 and celebrating with both of you as well!

    • Tiffany

      November 7, 2017

      Yes lady! He plays the keys and the bass!
      We are looking forward to it too! OMGZZZ!
      Love you!

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