October 30, 2017

30 September, 2013 · by incolormag · in A&E, Community, featured, Featured

AUDIO PERM is a band that has emerged recently from Minneapolis Minnesota. A fairly large group made up of multiple rappers, MCs, producers, writers and more collaborating and also individually pursuing a unique wave of rap and hip-hop in the Twin Cities.

Audio Perm started in 2009 and has since developed into a well-known group with in the cities. They have an astounding resume as a band that’s been in the making for only 4 years. They’ve already graced the Mainroom of First Avenue, one of Minnesota’s most popular and historical concert venues and also opened up for big names in the rap/hip-hop industry including Kendrick Lamar and Talib Kweli. Their success thus far is an inspiration both for the Twin Cities, and also other aspiring musicians.

As there are many names in the Twin Cities’ hip-hop scene, there are inimitable aspects of Audio Perm that make them unique in their own right. The size of the group, for one is a total of 10 members! Upon watching them perform there are times when the stage can be full of multiple rappers and they create somewhat of an ordered chaos as the members rhythmically support one-another by strategically interweaving personal voices and lyrics into what turns out to be an epic performance creating an unforgettable stage presence. “Our band’s unique because we all are solo artists as well. And because we’re a big rap group with everyone being dope individually.” Said Jacob Osborne (stage name Yakub), rapper/producer and stylist.

The energy Audio Perm portrays is what some call “nasty” or “funky”, adjectives to describe how Audio Perm may often divulge a raw and vulnerable energy that is inevitably relatable for most of their listeners. “The rappers in the group basically rap based on who they are and their experiences and stuff.” Said Cory Grindberg, producer. Through their art, the members of Audio Perm have a genuine agenda to provide their fans with an experience that is true. “With everything we do, whether it be music, shows, videos, whatever, we always want to convey realness. We keep it real,” said Taylor Madrigal, manager and producer.

They have a true heart for their audience whom they consider “Anyone” and “Everyone”, said members Madrigal and Yakub. Audio Perm also takes pride in having a very diverse fan base. Their concerts are generally filled with people of different ages, races and cultural backgrounds. A part of this can be attributed to the diversity of the group itself. “We’re…very unique in that we all have different ethnic backgrounds. … (People) call us like ‘big group of white boys’ or whatever, which is kind of whack because our group is made up of Latino, African-American, Native American, Filipino members as well,” said Madrigal.

This is truly a band that has found a high level success in a short amount of time. But with a long road still ahead, I asked for a bit of advice to other’s trying to find success in the music industry too, possibly trekking the same journey as this band, “…I think it just takes hard work, as corny as that sounds. The more effort you put into it, the more results you will see. Also having an open mind, being able to work through issues that arise, not being quick to anger, and the ability to accept things you cannot change, are all things that will probably help one reach success,” said Grindberg.

“It takes a lot of kicks and snares.” -Fairbanks.

As a local band, you can catch Audio Perm perform at numerous venues around the Cities including First Avenue Mainroom & 7th St. Entry, Honey, Cabooze and other “random ‘outchearin’ locations” said Yakub.

To keep track of Audio Perm’s shows and music including merchandise and downloads from the member’s solo careers you can visit their website http://www. audioperm.com.

Written By: Tiffany Trawick