Marisha Wright: Designer

June 22, 2017

With only one year of business under her belt, Marisha Wright’s empire, Royal Nation, is growing by leaps and bounds one hat at a time.


Marisha Wright is a 23 year-old from Minneapolis, MN. It was while sitting at her desk as a collector at US Bank that she decided there was much more that she wanted to do with her many gifts. “I remember sitting at work just thinking, I don’t want to sit here for the the rest of my life,” she said. Marisha and her business partner/boyfriend Ladon Loggins, 23, met with me at the Minneapolis Institute of Art to talk about the provocative and racially uplifting brand that Marisha thought up, right there at her desk, Royal Nation.

Royal Nation is an urban style clothing line that features hats and shirts with powerful messages like Black Queen,  Black King and of course, Royal Nation.

Not only are these slogans catchy but also incredibly uplifting, literally giving the wearer not just new swag but also a new sense of pride within themselves. Marisha said that she had all of this in mind when developing her brand, “This was around the time last year when police were killing Black people and we were killing each other,” she said.  With the recent happenings surrounding Philando Castile and other victims, the cry for justice still remains.

In response to police brutality against African-Americans and racial tension in our community she knew that her brand was not going to be just another clothing line, but a clothing line with a message that would encourage the Black people.

Ladon quickly jumped on-board with this amazing idea as he shared the same sentiment regarding the Black population in America, “Starting Royal Nation was about giving back to our community and giving back to our people, showing them that we can be great,” said Ladon.

Since its inception just one year ago, Royal Nation has evolved from the basic solid color t-shirts and hats to more of a distressed/bleached style and other unique styles. This is a result of Marisha’s natural love for fashion, “I’ve always loved fashion…I just never really showed it,” she said shyly. But the bold designs of Royal Nation speak loud and clear. When I asked where she draws inspiration from, she says she pays attention to what celebrities are wearing and different individuals on social media to see what’s popular, “I’m keeping up with the trends,” she said. They are even able to make custom designs upon customer request.

It is the main focus of Marisha and Ladon to get involved with community events to raise awareness about the Royal Nation product and furthermore their message, which is being echoed throughout the nation even in the Sounds of Blackness’ latest hit single, Royalty!

Ladon Loggins [left], Marisha Wright [right]

In a time of turmoil in our country it is direly important that this message continues to resound. Marisha plans to continue to expand her business, “Right now I want to do everything from shoes, to leggings to tank tops and shorts…” There are also plans to open up a storefront, first locally and then in surrounding states.

Both Marisha and Ladon are amazing examples of Black Royalty as they show their family, peers and community what it looks like to be young black entrepreneurs, “I want people to know they don’t have to be out in the streets,” says Marisha.

Marisha truly is a Black Queen and her life is a moving example of her incredibly stylish and empowering brand.

Check out royal nation at the links below: