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Back on the Field!

Welcome to the next stage of

Happy Monday Readers.

I’ve decided to use today’s blog post to inform you about what you can expect from moving forward because…

Why I Write

The process & lack there off

About a week ago, God gave me the simple instruction, “Write.”

Instead of asking God, “Write what?” I’ve taken his instruction and I’ve…


Perhaps it ain't THAT bad

Do you want to know one thing that irritates me beyond belief? My biggest pet peeve hands down? It is the hair…


Re-employing your faith

“Faith, faith, faith just a little bit of faith.” 

If you are a Christian, or even if you’ve just grown up around church…

Don’t Miss Your Seedlings

On recognizing major growth

On Sunday, hit 1500 views! This milestone is encouraging because it indicates something extremely critical…growth.

Do you remember my post It Takes…