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From Orchestra Hall to the Minneapolis Institute of Art—Minneapolis is truly a place that prides itself in the arts.

For many, the arts become a lifelong career, for others a profitable hobby and for all a lifelong pursuit. The world of the arts is one of culture and of history; broadening our modern day American experience and providing patrons and practitioners alike a global perspective.

It is a privilege to participate in this culture because to learn the arts one must not only have talent but also access.

David Billingsley
Photo Cred: Dan Lauer-Schumacher

Unfortunately because many communities are marginalized, especially in the Twin Cities, many individuals have not been fortunate enough to have the resources that provide education and access to the arts like instruments and music lessons.

Wisconsin native and renowned musician, David Billingsley, recognized this gap and worked towards creating a space that would make the arts available to anyone at all who has a genuine interest.

Using a pay-what-you-can model, Billingsley has made it possible for children and adults alike to learn instruments and other forms of art that traditionally would not be available because of the high cost for lessons, education and equipment.

Last month, the Billingsley School of Music & Arts had a launch party celebrating a new season of classes as well as their new location, 913 Plymouth Avenue North Minneapolis. This event was packed with individuals of all ages and backgrounds in anticipation of Billingsley’s tremendous efforts.

Launch Party

Like in North Minneapolis, many marginalized communities suffer for lack of programming especially for children. 

BSOMA provides a constructive extracurricular outlet giving children and teens a way to express themselves and translate their life experiences into dance, compositions and other forms of artistic expression.

This year, the Billingsley School of Music & Arts not only provides lessons for musical instruments like piano, drums and guitar but other unique classes like drama, DJ and dance.

Launch Party

Each class is taught by individuals who are incredibly talented in their field like Paris Bennett, acting/singing instructor at BSOMA and previous American Idol contestant also Darwin Black, dance instructor at BSOMA who trained with Alvin Ailey American Dance. Classes are available for all ages.

Billingsley School of Music & Arts will become the stomping ground of the next generation of influencers and creators as BSOMA provides education in the arts to our city like never before.

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  1. Excellent article! I am very proud of Mr. Billingsley and have enjoyed his music on many occasions. Prayers for much success for the school, teachers and most of all the students!

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