Back on the Field!

Happy Monday Readers.

I’ve decided to use today’s blog post to inform you about what you can expect from moving forward because there are major changes underway!

This past Saturday I had the greatest pleasure of sitting down with two local entrepreneurs who have been kind enough to let me share their stories with the world, using this blog as a platform.

One gift that I believe God has given me is the ability to recognize greatness in its early stages. I feel that the initial stages of any endeavor are ever so critical…and in my experience with writing, these have become my favorite stories to capture and share.

Having the chance to sit down with these awesome individuals has been a huge milestone for my brand.

As most of you probably know, I originally thought the next step for was going to be filming two web series. I spent ample time planning two exciting shows, even collaborating with outside parties, but God said otherwise and he made it clear to me that I should spend this season of my life writing.

Each feature editorial will be an in-depth story about an individual and their story whether that be a business, project, organization or perhaps an amazing testimony. Whatever it may be, I have made it my business to write it down.

God’s instruction to write was confirmed to me in the seamless process of organizing the initial interviews for the editorial features.

The popular local spots chosen for the interviews worked out perfectly and each subject, I found, has a unique and impacting story that is deserving of being shared. My Anthony also stepped in as the photographer and took hundreds of amazing photos. I am so thankful to God for bringing everything together.

Not only that, but  it was so much fun getting back on the field and interviewing. I didn’t realize how much I missed doing this until it was time to get out there again. Some of you know that I used to run a magazine called InCOLOR. During the few years that I pursued this entrepreneurial effort, interviewing people was a big part of creating the editorial content.

I think the last time I actually interviewed someone in-person was when I spoke with Justin Simeon, creator of Dear White People back when they were filming the original film in the Twin Cities.

But doing it again this weekend just confirmed that this is something I love to do and something that I want to continue to do as I develop my creative and professional career. I’m just thankful that God has given me the opportunity to do what I love again…talk to other people about their stories and highlight them!

Having my Anthony behind the camera added yet another element to the development of not only the stories of the people that I interviewed, but also my own story and portfolio as a professional writer because I’m able to share my own journey with you visually.

Are you as excited as I am? Stay tuned for incredible stories about incredible people.

The first feature editorial will be published this coming Thursday June 15, 2017 right here on! 

With Love Always,

Tiffany Trawick ♥

4 thoughts on “Back on the Field!

  1. We can make plans, but the Lord directs our steps. Following His guidance is so important. Good luck!

  2. That does sound like an awesome opportunity. I cannot wait to read it when you post it soon

  3. It is so neat how God works! Your wisdom, patience, and trust is so clear in His direction for this blog and for you. Super encouraging to see how He can, and does work in others!

  4. How exciting! It’s great that you get to do something you love! Looking forward to the stories you will share.

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